How heavy is a concrete table ? 


Concrete tables aren´t light. They weigh about 2300 kg/m3.

A 88 x 88 cm (3 cm thick) concrete top weighs around 50 kg. Some of our products are lightweight and we do our best to not to produce pieces above 70kg. 


Do the tables stain easily ? 


Concrete is very porous. If the surface is untreated it will soak any liquid very easily. Our surfaces are protected and we do our best in order to keep an original concrete look on our tables. Liquids such as coffee, wine, lemonjuice... won't harm their surface if they are wiped away in a short period of time.

How long does it take before I receive my table ? 


As soon as we agree on a certain design it takes about a month before we can deliver your table. Concrete dries for ages and is only strong enough for transport after approx. 28 days. 

We can surely agree on a shorter delivery time if necessary.  





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Worried about stains?  


The surface 


Most of our products are sealed so that they last through the time.  

Concrete shows its charm also when the surface isn´t treated, as on the picture here on the right side. 




Concrete takes ages to dry. After 28 days of drying our concrete tops are strong enough for transport. Through the years, minor cracks may appear. Some aren´t even visible and aren´t at all affecting the structural strength of your concrete top.


Chair and sizes 


Our dinner tables are usually 75 cm high. To feel comfortable sitting around a table, there is usually a 30 cm height difference between the top of the chair and the top of the table. Please consider the width of the chairs you want to use around the table. It is important that they will fit between the tables legs. 

If you know how many persons you want to fit around your table but you you are not sure about the size, an easy way is to calculate 60 cm / person. 

eg. for a 180 cm long table you can have 3 persons on one side.